Tips for Dealing with Raccoons

Tips for dealing with Raccoons

Have a pesky raccoon problem? Here are some common problems and how to fix them!
(More problems coming soon!)

  1. Raccoons eating pet food: Bring food in at night. Raccoons are nocturnal and will simply scavenge for and eat any food they find. (Note that most pets are better kept indoors, anyway!)
  2. Raccoons tearing up lawn: Raccoons tear up lawn to eat the grubs living beneath it. The grubs themselves feed on your lawn and would kill it eventually even if the raccoons hadn’t showed up. Beneficial Nematodes can be bought at garden centers. They will kill the grubs and remove the food source. Alternatively, you may try to sprinkle pepper on the lawn.
  3. Raccoons getting into garbage: Try to avoid throwing out meaty scraps well before pick-up. Firmly secure lids, and keep them where they cannot be easily tipped over.
  4. Raccoons out during day: This is serious. Normally raccoons are only up in the evening through dawn. If the sun has just risen or set, the raccoon is probably fine. A raccoon out at midday may have rabies and should be reported, especially if it “looks drunk” or ill. (Just be sure it isn’t really a cat!)
  5. Raccoons under house/in attic: If it’s springtime, first make sure that the raccoon doesn’t have babies wherever it’s been sleeping. Put wire netting and/or a vent cover securely around where the raccoon has entered and left (while the raccoon is out, of course). Sprinkling flour will help you make sure that the raccoon has left the nest. Trim overhanging trees for attic problems. If there are babies, shine lights, make noises, anything that won’t hurt the animals but make them want to move. The mother will move the babies slowly, so it may take a while, but they’d rather get some peace and quiet than stay put.
  6. Raccoons eating fish from pond: Many people don’t like how chickenwire looks covering their lovely pond, but it is rather effective. You can also try dog or cat reppllent or a small electric fence around the edge of the pond (the wire can be set to lower powers that won’t harm adult humans but zap little paws).



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